Sharyn Bentley


I am an average Australian woman with a creative mind. Even as a child I tried to write. I self-published by first book in 2008; and have kept going from there. I am locally known for my humorous children’s stories although I do not limit myself to categories. I am now exploring writing poetry and maybe a novel or 2. My mind just never stops turning over ideas.
When I’m not writing I am making candles. Both my hard copy books and candles I sell at weekend flea markets; my social time. So you might say; I do book signing every weekend!, If anyone ever so wished to buy an autographed book.
More information at www.sharynbentley.com.au
I am looking forward to constant creating and sharing and thank you for your interest.
A great place to keep up to speed on my works – Facebook – Treasures of The Tigress

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