Tim Sosinski

Clarksville, Maryland, USA

Tim Sosinski is an architect, planner and LEED professional. He is the chairman and CEO of Arium AE in Columbia, Maryland. Arium’s designs blanket the Mid Atlantic region. Tim was born in Patton, Pennsylvania in 1951. He spent his formative years in Johnstown with his brother Hank and parents Henry and Katherine Burns Sosinski. Tim completed his professional degree in architecture at Penn State and Master’s Degrees in both Planning and Business at Johns Hopkins. He studied in Florence, Italy. Tim worked as a Project Engineer and as a City Planner. In 1975 he married his best friend Ellen Ossip. They have 2 grown daughters. Tim has visited over 70 countries and 49 states. He is an active community volunteer. He sits on the boards of numerous organizations. He is level 2 Reiki. He is known for efforts on full spectrum housing and innovative solutions. Beyond his family, he loves snorkeling, golf, walking, history, reading, photography, travel, and phutzing at Bragdon Wood.

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