Nika One

San Francisco, CA, 94107

Nika One is a visionary artist of Transformation. A neuroscientist, mathematician and surgeon by training, Nika has surrendered her "past life" identity upon the passage through a Dark Night of the Soul to transmit The Human Journey message into the world wholeheartedly. Nika is a genuine Renaissance woman who lives on the edge of chaos, in the state of perpetual rapid evolution."The Human Journey" is a message that has jolted her out of the Dark NIght of the Soul, as she had "downloaded" a vision of a world where suffering would not be a necessary prerequisite to Awakening. She saw another way - that of Presence and Recognition. The message has come to her perfect, whole and complete in the form of visceral images and poetry as the roadmap to those images. "The Human Journey" is an energetic path of the Human Spirit through its major stages of evolution. It is an archetypal journey that unites us all as human beings. Where are you on this Path? Read on to find out.

Books by Nika One