Toya Jackson


Toya Jackson is an intense poet and a high impact drama novelist who started writing poems at age eleven. After writing hundreds of poems over the years, she was compelled to compile a collection of some of her best work; of which you can find in her collection of poems called "Reckless Dimensions of a Deep Soul".
While experiencing life, before she decided to follow her true passion of writing; Toya gained a series of real life experiences that would result in her wildly sexy series called "Situations I, Working on Shedding Tiers" and "Situations II, Downwards". Expect amazing things from this spicy new author. Toya Jackson offers a new age reading experiences that no other writer has. Her writing style combines a perfect set of amazing real life dramatics including jarring emotional poetry in the "Situations" series. I hope readers are ready for the fire that this author brings in these profound upcoming books. Prepare to be wowed and thrilled with excitement.

Books by Toya Jackson