Terry Bebertz

St. Paul, MN

I am a life long admirer of the art of photography and the forces such an art can unleash. From the smile of a flower, to the mystic realm of a playground abandoned I have enjoyed observing what has been created for humankind to contemplate.

I am an individual that believes art forms are all around. That many people overlook the beauty of their own footprints. Angles, waves, grass, and sky all contain beauty without the need for existence of acknowledgment. To capture what is overlooked is
what I strive for.

Like many who have held a passion for photography, most of my life was spent in pursuit of a lifestyle that could provide a steady family income. It has only been a few years ago that I've had the time to really investigate this art and I find it extremely exciting! I've since had the bounty of displaying my images in venues I would have thought impossible not so long ago. I hope you enjoy what I've had the pleasure to capture. Should you like to contact me: ""

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