Richard Cunningham

Richmond, Virginia, USA

A Brit retired to USA returned to his teenage passion - UK railways, with a particular affection for the Ian Allan ABC series and the Platform 5 publications. I have a complete collection of their spotters books from 1942, the subject of my first book.

I restore ABCs and am an enthusiastic ebay buyer of old and damaged Ian Allan railway books. I started to sell restored copies in January 2011. I make no claims about their investment value although I hope they will come to be regarded as great value collectors items in their own right; items which are accessible to folks with a limited budget.

I lovingly restore them. I will cannibalize old copies and replace damaged pages. Quality restored editions are very pleasing to own and to handle without fear of spine damage and they come with the option to return them in a timely manner for a full refund. I have restored 160 with 100% satisfaction as at the end of May 2016.

I can be contacted on:

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