Palette of the Wild Images

Wheeler, Wisconsin, United States

The photographer, Mary Phillips, is a unique person who views things on the colorful and artistic side. She is a fun loving, energetic person who enjoys the outdoors and finds it so easy for an excuse to be outside rather than indoors. As seen in her works, the norm is portrayed with a little bit of a different twist.

Her stock photography business started with the collection of the simple things of life seen in nature. She and her husband are located in West Central Wisconsin and they welcome photo assignments. See more of her work at her website: The business has evolved into ecommerce with instant downloads for publishers through payments in PayPal. See more at

If one takes the time to pause and look… they can see beauty. The love of nature and all it holds has drawn her to looking at things with an awe inspiring, romantic point of view.

Areas of Expertise

Nature and wildlife are Mary’s favorites. Her views are natural and no subject matter of images have been added or removed. She finds people showing their candid emotions are challenging. Photo documentaries of events and construction have become second nature to her. The photographs are not digitally enhanced.

Her previous employment with County government has provided the opportunity to do photo documentaries on various events and construction.

Professional Affiliations

Mary received the Dunn County Fish and Game Association’s Outstanding Conservationist Award in “recognition of her dedication and service to the association and community” in 2002.

The Good Neighbor Award was given to Mary by the Tainter Menomin Lake Improvement Association, Inc. which acknowledges a local citizen or group who demonstrates outstanding conservation for and takes on an active role in improving our communities, our environment and precious water resources in 2005.

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