Vicio Studios

Edmonds, WA

My name is Travis Perkins and I have been a Freelance Photographer since 2003. I am a student of Brooks Institute of Photography in California and have a Bachelor's degree in professional photography. I have also worked at various portrait studios for a total of over 2 yrs Photographer/Assistant Manager experience. Vicio Studios is the culmination of my experience, training and passion for photography in this emerging studio. Vicio Studios cover everything from Wedding/Event photography and Portraits to Fine Art and Advertising. Pricing for Weddings/Events, Portraits, Retouching/Restoration, Etc. available upon request. Feel free to contact me at

Areas of Expertise

I primarily do Weddings/Events, Portraits, Retouching and Restoration, however, Advertising Images and Product/Catalog and tabletop work is readily available. My personal passion as a photographers is in the creation of Fine Art images, B&W prints, Nudes, Landscapes, Digital Manipulation/Composites and Still-life work.

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