Wendy Carando


Wendy is an inventive French/American cook, inspired by the colorful flavors of Provence. Her recipes are short, but absolutely delicious and easy to make. She gives a great amount of insight into Provencal cooking. She will be coming out with a new book very soon. Wendy lives in Arles en Provence. In Mediterranean countries there exists a deep-seated unspoken concensus that eating is very important. As a great anthropologist once told me, it is our single most intimate act, far more intimate than sex because through food we literally re-create ourselves each and every day of our lives. Gathering around the table , literally breaking bread together, is both a symbol of communion and an act of communion in and of itself. And so it is important to pay attention, to be aware, in an almost Zen way, of what food is, where it comes from, and how it gets tto be the way it is when it comes into our lives. Wendy says "This is good food, food you'll want to eat AND doesn't take hours to fix.

Books by Wendy Carando