Elinor Griffith

Madison, Ct.

Culinary expert Elinor Allcott Griffith grew up in Chapel Hill, N.C., considered the “Southern Part of Heaven,” and can make a wicked-good Shrimp and Grits. Once a magazine editor at Reader’s Digest, she reinvented herself and leads cooking groups to places such as Julia Child’s former home in the South of France, and elsewhere. She has coauthored two books: First Thing Every Morning (a best-selling inspirational book and calendar) and The Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow: Legends and Lore of the Oldest Church in New York. Most of all, she loves to help busy families discover the joys of “Virtues Cooking” and use this new technique to make their families happier and more resilient. Read more about Virtues Cooking in her book, The Virtues of Cooking or on her website:

Books by Elinor Griffith