Pamela Wasabi

Miami. USA

My name is Pamela Wasabi. I’m a mother, I’m creative and I’m vegan. I’m passionate about food and Nature. I love colorful things and I like vegetables. I’m sensitive, a perfectionist and like to take pictures. I believe in caring and loving what you do and doing what you believe in and love. I like falling in love with little things. I like paying attention to detail. I love sunflowers. My love is painted violet. My daughter’s name is Violetta Sky. That is who I am.
What I do can always change, once upon a time I designed and sold clothes, and went to rock concerts. Now I cook. Now I study, I read, I ask, I make, I communicate and I want to invite you to do the same. I simply cook. I’m no Chef. I just let loose the artist in me and found a place to let her run free; in the kitchen.

I create. I cook. I’m a food artist

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