Wilhelm Gustloff Museum

Hampton, VA

Mission Statement: The Wilhelm Gustloff Museum is an online non-profit museum dedicated to exhibiting memorabilia of historical value for public viewing and research benefit. By promoting and displaying such artifacts, they are prevented from falling into private collections where their history will be forgotten and be lost to the world.

In an effort to increase public awareness about the Wilhelm Gustloff, I am currently publishing a four-part book series on her. The first two books have been published, and I am currently working on the third.

Book 1 - Construction to Maiden Voyage
August 4th, 1938 - April 20th, 1938.

Book 2 - Maiden Voyage
April 21st, 1938 - May 6th, 1938.

Book 3 - Voyages
May 7th, 1938 - August 26th, 1939.

Book 4 - WWII to Sinking
September 1st, 1939 - January 30th, 1945.

Book 5 - The E.S. Robert Ley
March 29th, 1938 - April 1947 (Tentative Title)

Areas of Expertise

The M.S. Wilhelm Gustloff and her sister ship the E.S. Robert Ley, 1936-1945.

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