Graeme Willgress

Hatherleigh, Devon, UK

My name is Graeme. I'm now a 57 year old man who spends as much time as I can on my recumbent trike. In 2009, after a major breakdown, I had to learn to live differently. My career was gone along with most other things I thought were important in my life. Three members of my family then passed away, leaving me broken and bereft. I was left with what felt like nothing. How, from that point could I rebuild a life of any kind?
A chance meeting in Scotland, with some cyclists who were touring, set a spark. From the spark grew a flame, and from that day to this, cycling and a more gentle life has taken shape. There were many battles along the way, but today I manage my illness better.
This trilogy of books follows my journey through this life-changing experience, warts and all. I hope it will encourage others to speak out and share their own experiences around poor mental health and I also hope you might find a spark of inspiration in them.
I hope you enjoy reading my story.

Books by Graeme Willgress