Graeme Willgress

Hatherleigh, Devon, UK

I'm 52 years old and a new writer. Six years ago I suffered a major breakdown, the fourth and most serious in a series that have plagued my life since adolescence.
I lost my career as a teacher and everything else. In the following three years, my mother father and sister died, leaving me bereft, broken and with no direction.
A chance meeting with some cyclists led me back to something I had previously enjoyed 18 nyears before. I bought a cycle to help me learn to manage my mental health.
Riding seemed to set me free, and I began to get fitter on the wonderful trails and lanes wher I live. Deciding to ride 4000 miles around the UK coast for charity was something way beyond my capability when I dreamt it up.
Eighteen months of preparation led me to the start and then I just had to go and try, always with half a mind to my poor mental health.
I met amazing people, in amazing places. My faith in the world began to grow again. I began Riding to Recovery. and continue to do that in 2012

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