Name: Karen Wishart
Born: New Zealand
Most Memorable Meal Ever?: There have been a few! But Camel in Alice Springs, Australia would be pretty close to the top.
What's Always In Your Shopping Basket? Lemons, fresh herbs, chicken, New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and fresh beef for the four-legged occupants of my home.
Most Expensive Meal Paid?: Ummm...I have a running total. $600 at the Langham Hotel, Auckland.
Your Favourite Chefs?: I've had classes with Gordon Ramsay, and dined with Ross Burden. Michael Simon - Ironchef America.
Ultimate Restaurant To Dine AT?: Alinea, Chicago US.
And Your Creative Side? Belongs to Heston Blementhal. I just wish I had a Bunsen Burner in my kitchen.
Next Project? Learn how to butcher meat....with a real butcher!
Motto For Living? Eat and drink locally. It's so important for local and community business. Eat seasonally and grandly.

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