Michael McCain

Houston, Texas

I have always wanted to shoot photos since I was in High School but I never took that leap forward to go around carrying a camera around my neck and snap photos of everything I felt that was of some interest. A lot of my interest was serving my country in the Army, where at that time I decided to buy a camera and try to learn to use it to make beautiful photos of my time in different parts of the world. As I have gotten much older, I now want to shoot photos and be able to share them with everyone. I have taken art classes in college and I am now using what I have learn to compose images that hopefully have an artistic appeal. I hope that all of you that view my photography work can appreciate the images that I have and will continue to put together in these series of books. I intend to create these books with some theme in mind so please stay tuned for future books and I greatly appreciate your support.

Books by Michael McCain