Amy Michelle


Born an Aries, 25 years ago, to two wonderful parents. I am the oldest daughter, but often referred to as 'baby girl'. I am a deeply devoted Christian. God is the head of my life and the head of my family's life.
I live in a small town between the interstate. In high school, I graduated with an Advanced Placement Diploma, worked on the school newspaper staff, the local newspaper (The Anniston Star), and was also a great clarinet player in the high school marching band.
I reside with my roudy six year old daughter, whom I absolute adore. We sometimes bump heads because we are so much alot but different in the same. We love to go see new movies, sit at the library for hours, you name it ...we love it.
After taking the responsible of providing a stable home for my daughter, I took time away from my college studies. Now that she is in school, I have decided to go back also. I major in Emergency Management. I plan to make a HUGE difference in the world.

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