A Howarth


PLEASE NOTE: I make 0.00p (nothing!) per sale of this book. the price you see is just what Blurb charge for making it. expensive, i know! anyway... Please except my apologies 1st of all for how much this company charges for books. I'm working on finding a print company that will work for a LOT less. I agree all the books on here, including mine, are stupidly expensive. But, that given, if you do buy a copy, thank you very very much.

Aiden Howarth was born and raised in Wakefield, England.

At 28 years old, his online award winning poetry has now been captured and placed upon paper for all to see. His ‘Without You’ collection has steadily increased over the years and here within this 2nd publication, much of his best work can be found.

Praise for Aiden Howarth can be found wherever his work has been displayed, including:


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