Sandy Ackerman

New York, NY

Sandy Ackerman has been a professional photographer for ten years, following a corporate career in financial management. He became interested in photography in his twenties in the Army Counter Intelligence Corps where he took pictures with a manual film camera, and used a darkroom for developing and printing. He experimented with night photography, street shots, and landscapes, and concentrated on producing images that pleased him. He knew what they were when he saw them, but learned much later to articulate what that meant: Individually and collectively, photographs must be vivid and continuous.
That means that through color, striking subject matter, and/or emotional impact, each image must command the attention of the viewer. In addition, each image must be composed so that the observer’s eye is drawn smoothly around and through the image (and through multiple
images in a series) without jarring discontinuities. Sandy does fashion, glamour, portrait, and travel photography.

Books by Sandy Ackerman