Alan Izzo

Poway, CA

I grew up in the beautiful green mountains of Vermont. By the age of 10, my small Vermont town began hosting an annual summer balloon festival. It was this event I had my first experience with a fully manual camera. When I was about 13 years old, I begged my dad to allow me to use his camera on a morning at the festival - a Pentax SLR. After he gave me a quick review on the shutter, aperture and metering, I was off.

For college I attended the University of San Diego and received a degree in Computer Science. Shortly after purchasing our first house in 1996, my wife and I adopted Turbo - our first Greyhound!

With the arrival of our first son the photographic fire lit during my childhood was rekindle and I purchased my first digital camera. I am now enrolled in the Professional Certificate in Photography program at UCSD Extension.

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