AJ Calzada

Arizona U.S.A

I began writing poetry and expressing myself in various journals when I was 6 years old. I collected numerous hardback novels of my thoughts on unlined paper. I continued to write in my journals feverishly, until the majority of the writings I had collected were destroyed.

I began to be involved with graffiti in 1996. It inspired me to express myself. I followed graffiti by taking photographs when I saw fit. I continued to write graffiti until 2004, but I now leave it up to the artists that I respect for wielding that craft.

My professional photography began in January 2007. I started working for VCM, and I also found work at a paper in Scottsdale. I did covers and spreads, and then started working for exposure companies and high fashion stores. I started getting more publications, then began freelancing for musicians and artists. I then worked on major music video sets, high end runway shoots, then nightlife and events.

Currently I work and freelance for myself.

Books by AJ Calzada