Andrew Werth

Princeton Junction, NJ, USA

I have long been interested in the mind: consciousness, perception, thinking, psychology, and the self. My ongoing study of these and related subjects informs much of my abstract painting. The titles of my paintings are clues to concepts that I find fascinating in the philosophy and science of mind. Notions of embodiment, metaphor, and mental “strange loops” are recurrent themes in my work.

My paintings are constructed through a slow, deliberate process that consists of thousands of individual brushstrokes applied one at a time. The marks provide a structure in which to explore perceptual effects and the interaction of color. I design interactions between underpainting and mark making and between foreground and background at multiple levels of abstraction, and in so doing create paintings where the viewer wants to keep looking, from near and afar, in different lights, always finding something new to stimulate the eye and the mind.

Books by Andrew Werth