Oscar Angel Rey Soto



My name is Oscar Ángel Rey Soto, I was born in Burgos (Spain) 1984 and I’m now living in Stoke Newington, London.

I’m a plastic artist working under the pseudonym of Akme 04 as an illustrator, painter and graphic designer, although in those last two years I came back to photography as well.

Art has always been a way of life, also an outlet for me. Any physical or digital mean is a new weapon to work with, and my style is like a sponge absorbing changes. If there’s something that hasn’t changed in this time is my love for German Expressionism, the use of collage and mix techniques.


Me llamo Oscar Ángel Rey Soto nací en 1984 en Burgos (España) y actualmente vivo en Stoke Newington en Londres (Reino Unido) soy un artista plastico que trabaja bajo el pseudonimo de Akme04 como ilustrador, pintor y diseñador grafíco y que en los dos ultimos años ha recuperado su pasión por la fotografía-

El arte siempre me ha parecido un modo de vida y una válvula de escape y cualq

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