Aleksey Marina

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Aleksey & Marina (Russia, St. Petersburg) - photographer Aleksey Kozlov and fashion designer Marina Khlebnikova. Began working together in 1998 on his own art project Photopainting. Since 2004, engaged in image advertising (fashion, beauty, glamour) photography, including the annual producing exclusive photo collection for brands for promotional calendars. Aleksey & Marina is also the author of costumes, accessories, hairstyles for their photos. 
In 2011 Aleksey & Marina became the owners of the Grand Prix Trophy Victoria of the 20th international competition Trierenbrg Super Circuit  - "...a photographic couple praised worldwide, earned the prestigious award thanks to their unique ability to combine the requirements of professional photography with the demands of the fine art photography. The reward also a lifetime achievement in helping photography move further towards estetic perfection."(Dr.Chris Hinterobermaier, Chairman)

Books by Aleksey Marina