Norma Casas

Georgia, USA

A native from Puerto Rico, Norma Casas has been an educator for over twenty years. Since 2008 she has been a contributing writer to several online magazines and conducting an expert page in the Self Growth community. She manages her own blog, Living Out Loud, where she shares inspirational writing, life skills, and empowering strategies. Her passion for education, people, and cultural exchanges has taken her to far and diverse places. Her first book, The Power of Us: Evolving Women One at a Time, unveils a real life journey through many times and spaces; past, present, and future. It tells the stories of the women of the sacred circle and how they reappeared in the life of one of their first apprentices, a woman who has forgotten their teachings, submerged in the illusions of the world. It invites women to embark in the pilgrimage of awakening, reclaiming their divine being, carving a new path of acceptance, self-love, and heart centered service to the world.

Books by Norma Casas