Alexandra Jacoby


Alexandra Jacoby is not a vagina expert. She just thinks that women’s bodies are fine the way they are, and is tired of being told differently.

She’s a painter, photographer, writer, events producer and yoga instructor.

vagina vérité® is her first book.

Jacoby is based in NYC.

She’s a Member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research and highly recommends you check out their blog re:Cycling. It’s also about our bodies.

She’s into quantifying—tracking things to learn what’s working and what isn’t—and creating space for conversations. She thinks that between these two is the opportunity to make things better for ourselves and each other.

Also, she’s deeply moved by trees as bodies, and many mixes of cyan—both in oil paint and, lately, watercolor.

Mostly, she finds that everything is interesting.

Books by Alexandra Jacoby