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Kara Skye Smith, Owner - Ambient Ohm®
Blurbarian Since January 2009
Business Name Kara Skye Smith, Owner - Ambient Ohm®
Business Web Site http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B002ECMFO6
Location N. Portland
About My Business Please look me up on my author's profile - Amazon.com. I have two novels for sale, a children's mystery novel - The Quill Pen Killer; and, a historical fiction novel, a love story - Leadville©, 300 Days Away.

∆ Blurb books available for hire to do your books or buy one of mine. Do you like gardening? Do you have children? Read Faeiry Gardens or buy the journal and start a garden with your child - whimsical ideas, tips, and lush photos - help you create: A Child's Secret Garden, Make-Together Plans for a Parent-Child Created Garden.

Make something!
for someone you love.

Food for Young Rockstars.
A Paper Slipper.
Areas of Expertise Author and Mixed Media artist.
Author awarded and small cinematography award.
Singer-songwriter awarded unknown is known.
Professional Affiliations Illustrator World. I have created some illustrator backgrounds if you would like to download them for a pdf book of your own or ask me and I'll make a book for you with a small term agreement.

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Things I Don't Mind The World Knowing

Spoiler alert: I'm thinking my next book will be about...
New contributor project: Faeirie Gardens. If you can build it, let it show! Send in a photo, this month - June - of your faeirie garden, up until July 2nd.