Amy Clark

St. Paul, MN

I love to read. My parents didn't have a lot of money, so for entertainment we read. I think if my students can see their words in print and they can hold it in their hands, they'll understand the power of words. And they do.

I place literacy first and the other things can fall to the wayside, like test results.

If you can read,you can do everything in life. My Father was proof of this. He had a hard time in school, but he could read and he read with a passion. He would read 4 books a night and every newspaper and magazine he could get his hands on. READ!!!!!

It is really quite simple, if you open your mind to it. No excuses. Just do it and be quiet about how hard it is to find the time. If you want it, it will come. If you can't, I will be happy to teach you how.
Love, Mrs. Clark

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