Anabela Loureiro

Toronto, Canada

The flower of my soul has so many petals and is so intricate. As I breathe in all the happiness and love possible, I flourish, thrive and bloom into the most healthy and beautiful flower which was planted years ago, but was dormant until now. I have walked through darkness, but thankfully, I managed to tread the waters of my tears with the help of many wonderful people. People who have stood by me and helped me when I was feeling helpless.
Depression is an extremely difficult time because many just do not understand and the most difficult part of it is knowing that you are being judged. If I have learned one vital lesson in my 41 years, it is that we can not be happy, if we live in the shadows of ignorance. I have chosen to speak up, for in doing that I'm helping myself while enabling others. I have finally discovered my true passion and essence and it feels great.
Writing is exhilarating. Writing is therapy. Writing is expressive passion. Writing is me.

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