Apropos Communications


Apropos is a multidisciplinary design & brand strategy agency formed on the basis of fostering community building, human connection & authenticity through contemporary communications.​ As a brand strategy agency, we are all about ideas, & making those ideas happen. We create meaningful movements, narratives, strategies, & subsequently strong brands that speak to relevant causes. Telling meaningful stories that connect the dots between digital & print platforms is our primary objective. ​​

Areas of Expertise

At Apropos, we devote ourselves to the creation of canvases and concepts that address causes through creative outlets ranging from graphic design to hand-drawn typography. We build brands from the ground up, focusing on strategic narratives and powerful creative execution. We design logos, print collateral, mission statements, social media strategies, narratives, & campaigns that resonate with audiences. We strive to solve problems, foster growth, and promote ideas in an unprecedented manner.

Professional Affiliations

Ryerson University