Angele Ann (Angie) Andrews

Greater London

Angie Andrews is an MFL teacher and has one son, David. She lives in Surrey with her husband Andrew, also a teacher. They share a love for nature photography and Angie's vivid images bring languages to the fore. Her background in Social Anthropology communicates aspects of life with aspects of language.
FIFTY and JOURNEYING ON poetically engage the reader to consider social, cultural and environmental issues whilst ONE BEAT offers a variety of English Language resources for EFL, ESL and KS3
SWAN: PEN AND COB concentrates on Creative Writing with thought provoking excerpts for discussions and essays for the Intermediate, Higher or GCSE student especially for English, Drama, Citizenship and tutor time.
Check out the latest!: IN ASSEMBLY AND OTHER POEMS.
The beauty of the countryside blends into LE PAYSAGE DES MOTS which focuses on vocab and grammar. French town vocab and exercises wind their way into A GLIMPSE OF AVEYRON which celebrates the charm of exquisite Midi-Pyrénées villages.

Books by Angele Ann (Angie) Andrews