Malaïka Weber


Since the age of 18 years old, photography has been occupying an important role in my life. In the eighties, when I was around 20 years old and after graduating from the Swiss school of modeling, I started working as a fashion photo model while I was as well pursuing my dance studies. My adventure between dance and photography continued trough the years and was particularly celebrated when I got some of my work published in a Fine art book. " Being in body, footprints of a dancing body" was published in 2004 by Hurter publications, Geneva. In 2008, I was selected and invited as a photographer to the “Biennale internationale de l'image” of Nancy, France. This well known exhibition gave me the opportunity to present my work and to communicate about my personal approach of photography. For a couple of years, several of my pictures have been rewarded at photography contests, in Switzerland and abroad.