Aphra L Z O'Connor

London, UK

A sculptor and space intervention artist who reorders the authorship within a space by contrasting pre owned antique objects, with her own sculpture, lino prints and textiles to create sets of ‘almost spaces’. These spaces reference the ideal home aspiration found in department stores and interior magazines, where recognisable home-like interiors are created to inspire commercialism. O’Connor’s sets seem like still life, which take on a surreal form when the objects displayed have ambiguous use. By collecting objects from varying eras, and applying them to these manufactured interior environments, she creates juxtaposition between the decade she lives in and the one she collects. The lino print pieces act as proposals for ‘almost sculpture’ that seem impossible to transcribe into 3d from the 2d geometric surface, and are framed within the surrounding ‘almost spaces’ as a form of decoration, when they are really the inspiration.

Books by Aphra L Z O'Connor