Melinda Ison-Poor

Perth, Western Australia

I take inspiration from all quarters, I celebrate the unusual, I break rules as a habit. Art is my little world of rebellion, where I can express my feelings in a way that only I can choose, but one that you can share
I am Melinda, mother of 5 and artist. I live and work in the most remote capital city in the world, Perth, Australia. This remote city with an unforgiving climate inspires great creativity. You have to work hard for it here, and it truly brings out the best in the Artist.
I am a student of my environment, a scribe, a communicator, a historian, a conduit. A medium and adjudicator. Art inspires me, and in turn I use it to inspire others .My art entices me to find the beauty of even the most mundane. There is none so beautiful as those who see the beauty in all things.
Melinda x

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