Charles Caldwell

219 Smith street Newark, NJ 07106

Charles Caldwell
Charles Caldwell expresses his unique views and voices his love and concern for his community through his art. Mix media and strong emotions are the trademark of Caldwell’s pieces, which are extraordinary expressions of everyday themes. His latest series, American Mettle, are his thoughts on modern Americanism. He hopes the series inspires conversations and reflections on the American spirit.
His art has brought him national attention and praise. His works hang in public areas throughout Northern New Jersey and have been commissioned by major corporations. Caldwell’s work is on permanent display at the Morristown Housing Authority’s Manahan Village Resident Center and at the Children’s Hospital, a unit of United Hospitals Medical Center of Newark. A personal and professional highlight for Caldwell was Prudential’s purchase of his “Through Thick and Thin”. The piece was presented to Dr. Maya Angelou.

Books by Charles Caldwell