Adrian Angulo

Hacienda Heights, California, USA

Since Adrian was a kid his favorite things to do were pestering his older brother Albert and sister Audrey, being a geek on the computer, being creative and always trying to show people what he sees through his eyes. These all pretty much describes what he does nowadays.

Originally from Fullerton, California, Adrian now resides in Hacienda Heights with his best friend and wife, Skye. They just recently had their first child, Skyler in July of 2007. When they aren't hanging out with the little man, they spice it up with their neurotic cat Noelle.

Adrian is currently the Director of Graphic Design for a golf company in Huntington Beach, California. With interests in outdoor activities, a passion for Photography, History and taking the road less traveled, Adrian is concentrating his efforts to showcase these passions on the pages to proceed.

Books by Adrian Angulo