Anja Schweitzer

Berlin, Germany

Born in 1968 Anja Schweitzer grew up in Cologne, Germany. As a child she was passionate about taking photos and remains driven by a desire to encapsulate the unique atmosphere and indescribable energy of the moment.

She has always had a particular liking for travel photography. Travelling through exotic far-flung lands, photographing breathtaking land and cityscapes along with their fascinating inhabitants — people she is only too happy to get close to while also maintaining a respectful distance. For Anja people are and remain much more than mere motives. Like a key, a camera opens the door to their worlds, initiating stimulating dialogues that provide deeper insights into other cultures ... The resulting images invite the viewer to look carefully, to sense, to experience and become absorbed by the radiance of each photo.

Anja Schweitzer lives and works in Berlin.

Books by Anja Schweitzer