Adriana Talhouk

Greenwich, CT, USA

Always a girl moving around....

Since I remember I've used my vision to capture images....and collect them trough time..... They appear in some moments of my life and relived! I have collected several images...happy, sad, colorful, details, etc...And every time I’m in front of a blank canvas they come back and become part of my paintings.

My portfolio is me….everything I am and everything I’m not.
It’s my weakness and my strengths. My self-confidence and my past, present, and most definitely my future.

My portfolio is where I’m going, where I’ve been,
places I shouldn’t have been gone and shouldn’t go.

It’s everything and just images…. It’s my inspiration, my generation and it’s never finished, never done, always a work in progress.

It’s everything I’ve ever seen, heard, touched, smelled, sensed and believe, and my worst days and all my hopes at the same time.
It’s my portfolio and describing it is describing me.

Books by Adriana Talhouk