Austy Chapman


My Barefoot List

1. VISIT a tropical island.
2. WATCH cherry blossoms in Japan.
3. LIVE in a country for atleast six months.
4. MAKE a difference in someone's life.
5. BECOME vegetarian.
6. RECIEVE closure from all grievances and unhappiness.
7. HAVE my palm read.
8. CONNECT with past teachers from Elementry School.
9. BUNGEE jump.
10. OWN a bonsai tree.
11. LEARN guitar again.
12. VISIT Salem, Masschusetts.
13. ADOPT kids.
14. RESEARCH my geneaology.
15. SCUBA dive.
16. TOUCH a shark.
17. VISIT Costa Rica.
18. LIVE somewhere I DO NOT needs a car to go to places.
19. OWN a tiny monkey.
20. MAKE pottery.
21. GO in a cave.
22. LEARN Italian.
23. FALL asleep on a beach.
24. GO skinnydipping in the ocean.
25. MAKE love in a wierd place.
26. OWN a motorcycle.
27. GO camping in the wilderness.
28. KISS underneath a waterfall.
29. KISS underwater.
30. GO to a major concert.
31. GO down a huge water slide lose my stomach and scream.
32. RIDE a rollarcoaster.
33. CONQUER all my fears.