Robert Kauffman

Ithaca, NY, USA

My Gypsy Nature landed me in Ithaca, NY on March 21, 2008. That day happened to be Spring Equinox, conjunct with Good Friday and Full Moon. Those combined aspects captured my attention and I made a decision to stay awhile, check out the waters, and see if I sprouted roots. A little less than two years later I fell upon setting rocks to balance as a daily practice. By treating this as a disciplined meditative art has enabled me to enjoy an incredible journey. I wish to share with others this incredible experience. As a result I have traveled about both seeking others that share this practice and also offering to display and exhibit my works. I also with to share this journey in photographs and writings. I can envision a long journey ahead meeting and sharing with as many folks as I can get to.

Books by Robert Kauffman