Bernie Andrew

United kingdom

Photography is a hobby I have loved ever since my girlfriend now my wife of 30 years introduced me to the art. My first camera was a Minolta XD5 which I kept for nearly 20 years before upgrading to a Canon EOS 30 and in 2007 I joined the ranks of digital when I bought a Canon 40d.
Since going digital I have cherished the idea of putting my work in a book, not just an album. A colleague at work told me about Blurb and I thought this is it even if I am the only one who ever buys it I can say I have a book. My first book is of my son in law's VW pick up which he asked me to photograph. We found an old derelict piece of land on an industrial estate which combined perfectly with the beat up old girl. I have kept the book really simple with a minimum of text and just let the pictures tell their own story. I have manipulated some of them just to convey some different angles and atmosphere. So there you have it I have completed my first book and you know I'm really pleased.

Books by Bernie Andrew