Joshua Lance

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Josh is a dedicated painter who enjoys testing the boundaries of realism and abstraction. Born in Long Island, NY in the early 70′s and raised in Arizona, Connecticut and New Jersey.

He went on to receive art and graphic design degrees, only to find out later that artists need more life experience than degrees. After years of “real jobs” and the recent economic status of our world, Josh reached a crossroads in his career and decided to pursue his first passion; painting. Since 1991, over 30 solo & group shows in the USA, Korea & Taiwan to date. His nomadic spirit took his passion from New Jersey to New Mexico, then Asia in 2012.

His favorite style of art is expressive plein-air and alla prima (direct from life), using loose brushstrokes, tight composition and limited color palettes to create unique works of art. Inspired by American, Russian and French Impressionist painters, Josh’s paintings are filled with raw, emotional content and palette knife techniques.

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