Bart Everett

Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Bart Everett is a veteran newspaper journalist and photographer who has worked for the Los Angeles Times, the Kansas City Star and the International Herald Tribune in Paris. He earned his first money in photography as a high school sports photographer selling freelance work to the Kansas City Star. As a reporter at the Star, he was often assigned to the Saturday night police beat. Instead of covering the beat from the police station as was customary, he roamed the city in a car equipped with police radios and a press camera, offering his editors both words and pictures. As an editor at the Los Angeles Times, he often provided feature photographs shot on his off hours and occasionally was in a position to bring in spot news photographs. After leaving the Times in 2004 he concentrated on landscapes and fine art photography. His photography and writing has been published in newspapers and national magazines as well as on the internet.

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