LeAnn Galland


LeAnn Galland lives in the lovely Pacific Northwest. She's an Army brat and can say, with a smile, that she was born in South Korea. She loves Asian cuisine and has an insatiable addication to cofee and chosolate. Soemtimes separate but most often together. Writing for LeAnn really started as a way to keep herself awake in the middle of class. The margins of her notes were filled with fantastical worlds, ferocious beasts and passionate protagonists. She enjoyed the way it took her to other worlds and continued it as a hobby. Eventually through the encouragement of friends and family...lots of encouragement, she compiled Talare's Propehcy with the intent to publish. Talare's Prophecy was orginally intended to be a standalone book but alas, it grew far too long and was divested into three parts. LeAnn intends to release the remaining three parts of the Last Dark Age Trilogy as quickly as possible, seeing as the final two books are mostly completed already.

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