Tom Patterson

Liverpool England Planet Earth.

Hiya! I am a resident of a large city in the North-West of England,which has a certain fame worldwide,due to a group of musicians..."Four lads who shook the world".
However,much as I enjoy the Beatles,I must state categorically that this city was firmly on the map long before the '60's musical revolution.
When I walk around this fascinating town,camera at hand,I can always find echoes of a great past~tempered by the fact that our city was prominent in the heinous trade in slaves,from which it profited greatly.
I like to capture all aspects of this city,maritime,architectural,everyday life...and hope to bring these scenes to a wide audience...hopefully,through the medium of the internet,and possibly through sales of my books!
...A certain satisfaction can be gained by the sharing of images with the wider world,and~if it encourages people to come and see this amazing place...that is all I require from this enterprise.

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