Rebecca Darlington

Cornwall on Hudson, NY, USA

Rebecca Darlington is a painter and sculptor working like a house on fire in a studio in the Hudson Valley of New York. In 2008, she was awarded an artist’s residency at CAMAC in Champagne, France. There, she started to experiment with 3D molds and casts. Her preferred materials for making art in 2D are pigment sticks and spray paint using lace as a stencil on canvas, and in 3D using lace as the structure for casting in bronze and resin sculpture.

When Darlington arrived in France, she was coming off a 25-year hiatus from painting and sculpting. During the break she had “leaned in” to a career as a self-employed Creative Director in print and TV marketing while simultaneously raising five sons. Through her current artistic practice, Darlington seeks to expose and explore the narratives of women of her generation as they gloriously succeed and fail at “having it all.”

Since returning, Darlington’s works have been shown in galleries in New York City and the surrounding area.

Books by Rebecca Darlington