Kelley Lee McDonald


In my twenties I was hopelessly engulfed by the world and stricken with day to day survival, yet I remained aware of a tremendous desire to correct the mistakes that were piling up around my feet. One day a voice from deep inside asked me “who are you, and how will you define yourself?” So from the depths of my heart to the environment that lay before me I searched for the answer. It took years for me to accept the fact it was never actually in my charge to describe, identify or rate myself. I have been repeatedly asked to surrender to my voice within that will lead me to a better understanding of myself. A creation cannot critique itself, and that’s been my fundamental mistake. Now I’ve been asked to be guided in a whole new manner, and this is the adventure my life continues to offer me. It’s unique to my circumstances, and has absolutely no bearing on anyone else. Everyone must find their own voice within, and they will be taken exactly where they need to go, or so I’ve been told.