Ed Berlien Photography

Orlando, Florida

Ed Berlien lives in Orlando, Florida. He has had an interest in photography from childhood. The first exposure to photography was playing in the almost dark basement of his childhood home while his father was working with the enlarger and his mother was developing the prints. After every vacation, summer camp or holiday all the exposed rolls were processed in the basement.

Color slides and prints made the basement dark room obsolete and having prints made at the drug store took the excitement out of photography for many years (other teenage interests also contributed).

Interest in photography resurfaced in the early 1980’s. Living in the Washington, DC area and having a son interested in playing sports and surfing created many photographic opportunities. This interest expanded after moving to Florida in 1993. Living in Tampa led to a passion for birds and beaches. Moving to Orlando expanded the interest to the many lakes, rivers and other wetland of Florida.

Areas of Expertise

Travel, Wildlife, Florida, Nature, Landscape.

Professional Affiliations

Ed has attended classes and workshops with Crealde School of Art, Palm Beach Photographic Centre, Rocky Mountain School of Photography, BTO and National Geographic Expeditions. He has also attended numerous seminars given by regional photographers and is a member of Orlando Camera Club.

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