Sandra (Sandi) Holt

Aubrey, Texas

Granddaughter to Jewell McNeally, an Irish Horseman, Sandra (Sandi) Jane Holt began learning about horses before she could walk. And has spent a lifetime studying them. Her passion for horses has created a penchant toward photographing, painting, training, and writing about them.
She is a former Equine Science Professor at Fenster School, in Tucson, Arizona).
Among her accomplishments are: PHBA World Champion Reiner, National Champion All-Around Quarter Horse, First in the Nation for Palomino Select Reining, 1972 Michigan
Rodeo Queen, and 1990 Tucson Woman of the Year. Sandra is also author and photographer of 3 coffee-table books, I Dream of Horses, Two Boys & a Mom, and My Mother's Garden.
Currently, she is a freelance writer for various equine publications, a national certified Equine Appraiser, an Ordained Minister conducting weddings and funerals, owner of Winterhaven Gift Shop and owner-operator (with her husband,Wayne Willsie) of Winterhaven Ranch in Aubrey, Texas

Books by Sandra (Sandi) Holt