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louis breeuwer
Blurbarian Since August 2009
Name louis breeuwer
Location zaandam, the netherlands
Gender Male
My Occupation i'm in art, in music and in health food
My Bio born in 1954 in the hotel/restaurant/playhall situation of my parents,
i grew up, always wanted to become an artist, making drawings and
paintings. I did the rietveld art academy in amsterdam and still work
making my things in my personal way. making fotographs of my work
lead to use the fotography also for its own means and certainy when
I got my first digital camera some years ago, there was no more holding back. I work on severeal series/subjects and new books on
those will follow. I also use my foto's as sketches for my paintings.
in music I was a late starter: round 30 I began to studie bansuri, the indian flute and round 40 the djembe, the african drum, came in.
I still play them in 2 different bands.
bamboo flute

Things I Don't Mind The World Knowing

Spoiler alert: I'm thinking my next book will be about...
water reflections. to be precise: about a parking garage in amsterdam, reflecting in the
water in front of it. the image of that or those reflections are like black and white op-art
patterns, which make it different from most water-fotography. the possibilities of variation
are great, the idea of reality transformation quite interesting.
another book will be called "strakke wanden" (straight walls): foto's of buildings (or parts of)
that are quite straight or maybe the opposite of that.