Brian James

Suburbs of Philadelphia, PA

Growing up in the Philadelphia area has allowed me to see and get to know all kinds of people, and learn so many interesting things. There's more to Philadelphia than meets the eye, so if you ever find yourself here, take the time to explore. There's a lot more than just cheesesteaks that come and/or came from Philadelphia!

The books that I release will be those of my interests, my travels, and more. I want to create pieces that people will hopefully get minds thinking, and people moving. Just don't sit there. Get up, and go do things. Go see the world, before you can't. Age is only a number when it comes to yourself. Telling someone you can't do something because your "too old" is not an acceptable excuse for everything—only some things.

I plan on visiting many places, and taking photos, video, and writing about them as well. There's so much to know, and so many ways of learning about it, that there isn't a reason why you can't take an interest in something and learn it.

Books by Brian James